Tech Projects

Well Ping
Well Ping icon

A React Native survey app which pings the user occasionally to answer a set of questions. Used in research with more than 3000 participants.

The Stanford Daily
The Stanford Daily icon

The Stanford Daily’s new website/app with React Native (Web).

The Stanford Daily Archives
The Stanford Daily Archives icon

A React site hosting the Stanford Daily’s old newspapers.


Automatically generate puzzles similar to the zebra puzzle! Written in Epilog (a language based on Dynamic Logic Programming).

Cardio Debug
Cardio Debug icon

Monitor and improve the autonomic nervous system (ANS) through heart rate variability (HRV).

CO-CAR icon

A Swift playground book that teaches you Swift language by letting you operate an Arduino model car through Swift code.

Sleep icon

An Android app that automatically records the user's sleep time and duration by analyzing the phone's lock and unlock screen activities.

Run Beacon
Run Beacon icon

A product that adopts iBeacon technology to replace manual recording during long-distance running competitions like marathon and hiking.

Learn Classical Chinese Poems at Your Fingertips
Learn Classical Chinese Poems at Your Fingertips icon

A game that helps students recite Classical Chinese poems.

Creative Projects

animātiō, a bestowing of life

Stanford CS 248 Project with Cardinal3D.

The Compass

The story of a compass.

The Dancing Compass

The compass that dances!

The Cat and the Fish

Stanford CS 148 Project.